Friday, January 13, 2017

As Christ Loved the Church

Today I am sharing a post written last month for Layout for Today about God's design for families, including male and female roles.  These days a great many people, including many Christians, support equal rights.  This devotional looks at that topic from a biblical view.  My purpose is to speak the truth, not to tell people what they want to hear even if it doesn't line up with the Bible.  The intention is not to step on toes or lump all situations together, but to simply summarize what God said.  My job is not to force anyone to do God's will or examine anyone else to determine their compliance.  That is between each believer and God.  This is a resource for use by those who desire to know what God had to say on the topic.  In behaviors where it is not a matter of choice, but sin if we go against it, then that is for the believer's local church body to handle in love and gentleness.

If anyone is offended, I hope they will pray about it so that if God is convicting them of something that He would like them to change, they don't miss the opportunity.  If anyone has a clear conscience, then they should have no reason to feel judged or any need to defend themselves.  God sees inside our hearts and knows our intentions.  I would use caution, though, if we have accepted the ways of the world and think that He has made an exception for us.  He is known to be consistent and orderly, not showing favoritism and not changing.  If we are not disciplined when we go astray, then the Bible says that we are illegitimate children.  Better to be corrected and accept it, most definitely!